Just Stop Already

Can this country and its states just take a step back for a moment?  We are a country of many people and many thoughts.  Our forefathers came here to have a freedom of religion.  They did not seek to sail over the waves and risk their families just to set up a new home where they would be ruled by someone else’s religious rules.  These ancestors were the ones that helped establish our country as a place where freedom rings true under the premise that all men are created equal.  They are the very people that wrote the Constitution and sacrificed their lives to see that it would become the ruling government of our country.

Yet, today, we have groups and parties that cry out that they are in full support of this document while stripping away rights and privileges based solely on religious beliefs.  They have initiated laws that will deny a group’s equal rights because their lifestyle is considered sinful by these lawmakers’ religious affiliations.  In other words, the government of the state or states in favor of these laws has established their religion as the preference of the government.

The rights of a woman’s health or the rights of gay marriage are under attack by many legislatures in the states.  A few states have even passed laws that deny gay marriage or established the judgment of when life begins.  One particular law has been passed in Arizona with the side effect that some forms of contraception are now considered illegal.  This set a point when life begins.  In this case, it is set at the last day of the woman’s most recent menstruation.  This is actually the day that is used to determine the due date of the pregnancy.  So, life begins before conception.  I think my head started hurting when I heard this.  This will make the forms of contraception that regulate the body illegal.  To me, this entire law is just a way for the states to sidestep Roe v. Wade decision.

Another law has even stepped into the work place and will allow the business to request medical information of the employee to determine whether health insurance will cover contraception.  Arizona has decided to give rights to businesses to determine if their employee insurance will cover birth control used by the employees.  It gives the employer the right to ask the employee for the details and deny them coverage if they are using it for any reason outside medical ones.  This caused me to do a double-take.  We have people making decisions on medical cover who have no medical certification.  These matters are starting to just get out of control.

Here is my question to the states and the federal government: Why are you using all this energy to create new laws to circumvent settled laws and to usurp personal rights when it should be used to create a better environment for economic recovery and growth?  In my opinion, our elected representatives are focused on an agenda that distracts the public with these unnecessary laws while the true needs of our country become a political tagline in a speech.  No one is moving on this during an election year, but they were not moving on it before that.

One additional point on this entire subject is the desire for some politicians to push government into the medical rights of a woman while men’s rights are not touched.  Whether one agrees with the entire idea of abortion, the thought that the group clamoring for regulation of women’s health is the same group that speak of pulling the government out of everyone’s lives.  The hypocrisy is often more than I can truly handle.  Of course, the other side of the aisle has their moments of complete hypocrisy also.

So to wrap up, we need to stop the push for women’s rights over their own bodies to be regulated.  If your reasons for wanting control over the woman’s reproductive rights are because your religious doctrine has created the belief that woman have no right to end their pregnancy for any reason, I suggest that you try to remember that women are no longer second class citizens to be ruled over by a patriarchal system.  This is America and we have changed.  Perhaps this religious doctrine needs to have a reexamination.  However, if your reasons for wanting the control are your own insecurities over your lack of control, it is definitely time to make some changes.

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About I Write Irate

For me, this is a personal exploration into a part of me that has been silent for years. It is an opinion. It is an expression. It is who I am. The revelations will come and the patient reader will enjoy the craft displayed. I offer a challenge: Read this and you will come to understand a voice that speaks to the heart of the issue. It can reveal a compassion that some have left behind. Enjoy.

4 responses to “Just Stop Already”

  1. J. says :

    I second your sentiment. I was raised by a feminist, so accepting women as equals is like breathing for me; it still baffles me that people can be so shortsighted and narrow-minded. We’ve come a long way, even since our forefathers: all (white, land-owning) MEN were created equal, and now look where we are. To take two steps forward and one step back is a shame. And I’m glad that men like you and I recognize it.

    • I Write Irate says :

      Movement forward as a society affects us all. A step back hurts us all. I have two daughters and to see their rights thrown under the bus is utterly ridiculous. We will move forward with each voice. thanks for your comment.

  2. Alex Jones says :

    I disagree with religion interfering with an individual’s person hood, I hope the USA succeeds in its fight to curb this fundamentalism.

    • I Write Irate says :

      I agree. It breaks down the principles that the country was founded on. I will likely be broaching that part of the subject in the coming days. It will be fun to explore.

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