Hold On To Voting Rights

Recently, the Secretary of State for the great state of Arizona decided to put forth a request, which he states is a wish of his constituents, for the president to prove that he is a natural born citizen.  It was only a year ago that Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, vetoed a bill that came to her desk with this same language.  That bill and this request have wording that explains that without this prove or other forms that will prove his citizenship he will not appear on the ballot in the state of Arizona.  As the chief elections official, this man has the power to put this forth.  If he succeeds, the residents of Arizona will likely be unable to vote in favor of the incumbent President in November.

This was reported in the news on a Friday.  It was done on a Friday so that it would be lost in the weekend news and no one would notice.  A common tactic used by those that wish to give bad news or bad ideas a chance to slip by the public eye.  It also seems that this guy is attempting to push the governor a little as they will be rivals in 2014 for the governorship.  All in all, this action places an unnecessary situation on the state of Arizona.

First, let me say that the idea the President has been able to gain public office on several levels without any red flags raised on his citizenship is crazy.  These Birther conspiracies hold about as much water as a bucket with holes.  The bureaucratic system would have found some discrepancy long before he was elected Senator of Illinois.  It is incredible that this matter continues to surface after so many attempts have been made to quash it.  I am pretty sure that in my experience it is difficult for anyone to get a social security card or driver’s license without a legal birth certificate.  I also don’t believe that he or his mother would have been in a position to influence anyone to forge such documents.  It is outrageous and pointless to continue the debate.

So, why do I bring this up if my mind is already set?  Couple things come to my thoughts.  First, we need to see past our “Pavlovian Conditioning” when it comes to the media.  Most of us have the understanding that if you have the media throwing a flashing graphic at us as if they may have something important to say.  However, we would do well to ponder what they are really attempting to do with all of these flashing, brightly-colored words and attention-gaining sound effects.

In the age of the 24 hour news cycle, it takes some extraordinary measures to pull our attention to a specific news story.  The news channels have found great success with the response that the masses give when it comes to the effects.  Yet, when we look, it is often a repeated story or a story that is filler.  The repeats can be seen as important to those that might have missed it earlier in the day, but it has lost its significance in the redundancy.  As for the filler, in a world of channels that produce 24 hours of news, they have to keep the eyes on them at all times.  It is the same as a man crying fire in the theater.  After a while, no one will be paying attention when there is an important story that does affect us.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that all this is terrible, but it has made some of us hesitant to look up from what we are focused on.  A second thought comes to the front.  Are we being manipulated with these methods?  Are we being dulled by the constant bombardment of news stories that hold little importance so that the essential news is buried?  We are left ignorant of the truth because we cannot see the trees for the forest.  The fog of news does not allow us to see what is on the road before us.  If we are ignorant of the facts or the truth of a story, then we are likely to become intolerant of other news that contradicts.  It is our civic duty to see beyond the headlines and flashing graphics.  To have an opinion, we all need to seek what is lying behind the stories and confirm the reports.

It is our way to become more cognizant and hold more liberality.  Do not let the media mislead with their methods.  Use the media as any scholar might.  Find many sources to compare and confirm their words so that you can have an educated opinion.  Better to have that than to just spill out the talking points of a single source.  Become a more informed citizen or we might end up without the very rights that our people has fought and died for.  

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