Take Time to Know Someone Else

The mysteries of our world’s history can easily pull anyone into the topic.  Each country or culture has a story or legend about some mysterious event or person.  Around the stronger and long-lived mysteries, the legendary histories become part of our myths and slow become something beyond any evidence that is presented.  The Western civilizations presented stories of great sky gods that came forth and conquered the chthonic powers.  Mostly, it was an assertion of a patriarchal system over the primitive notions of a matriarchal belief.

Each culture that comes into existence finds a way to explain the core principles of the society through legends and mysteries.  Native Americans have a long tradition of legends that they pass along in the oral traditions.  This method has a tendency to alter some of the details, but the firm core of these principles is locked in place.  It is the character of the culture and how we outsiders relate to them as a group or as individuals.  A group of people are the sum of all their parts.

It is from this topic of mysteries and legends that the idea of cultural stereotypes is pulled.  In the U.S., each state has its own customs, protocols, and traditions.  The country as a whole has its customary reputation to the world and the viewed traditions.  At the local community level, the structure becomes even more constricted to a view.  Yet, we are all individuals who seek to stand out in the crowd.  We are also all human beings.

Given all this, it is quite curious that we instantly have a stereotype in our head.  I am sure that this is true in many countries around the world.  One town down the road may have had a foolish person perform some unwise act and since we don’t take the next step to learn about the rest of the community, we immediately assume that all the members of the community have the same mindset.  That town is full of fools and should be avoided.

No one can claim complete innocence to this reaction because we all have a tendency to categorize other groups without learning who they really are.  Not even this author can claim complete innocence.  However, we are capable of learning that this may come naturally from our experience or environment; it is not something that must become the judgment of our interaction with a group or person based on this response.  We look to the soul of the person and learn about them.

It should be considered that all this that it is the mark of a great person who can overcome the instinctive response and control how they act.  It is a greater mark for one who can create a true habit from this control.  Human beings have reached a level of sentience that gives us the ability to think before we leap.

It is within all human beings to seek the answers of the mysteries and legends.  The stories are not always factual, but they do have a gleaming core of knowledge hiding in the tale.  It is essential that the decisions that are made and the instincts that are adjusted are based on the background of the person or group.  Ignorance and intolerance will eagerly appear and fog the mind.  Become a pupil of cognizance and liberality.

Remember, no matter our background, genetic makeup, or legends, we are all human beings with all these gifts.  No need to be lazy and not learn about the other person.

crudus animus


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About I Write Irate

For me, this is a personal exploration into a part of me that has been silent for years. It is an opinion. It is an expression. It is who I am. The revelations will come and the patient reader will enjoy the craft displayed. I offer a challenge: Read this and you will come to understand a voice that speaks to the heart of the issue. It can reveal a compassion that some have left behind. Enjoy.

6 responses to “Take Time to Know Someone Else”

  1. Alex Jones says :

    This is a blog soaked in wisdom, which I have book marked to read again.

    You have described a difference between hunter-gatherer and civilisation well, and provided an answer to a problem I had under consideration.

    You address two of the three curses of humanity, one which is abstraction, the second which is separation. We are all guilty of these two curses as you infer. Abstraction is where we will take an entire community of people, strip them of their individual qualities to a set of simple uniform qualities, then distort the whole lot with a common false quality. Separation is where we place a barrier between a group of people and ourselves where they are distorted by a rule that judges them as inferior/superior to ourselves, something that puts them in opposition to ourselves or our values.

    • I Write Irate says :

      I am very curious to read your take on the problem. I may have an answer, but you have helped with some of the greater details. I am also interested in the third curse of humanity. I must admit that my anthropology studies are not as extensive as I would like, but most of my studies this far are around the religious aspect of the primitive cultures. Your words are encouraging and I appreciate them. thanks.

      • Alex Jones says :

        It will require several blogs for my “take”, and I shall do those over time. Your blog is food for thought, and I tend to chew on such blogs in thought for a period of time before blogging on it.

        The third “curse” is egotism. The three “curses” tend to work in combination in any situation.

      • I Write Irate says :

        I can see your point and the three curses. I can’t wait and I hope my blog was filling.

  2. Jim Maher says :

    I think if we all took that extra bit of time to get to know one person a day a little bit better, we’d be a much happier planet. Thank you.

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