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A Return?

For some time, I have been considering the option to return to this blog.  As I have said before, it was an exercise in which I could express my thoughts and relieve myself of stress.  This is necessary when your mind is overactive even when you aren’t involved in anything.  The constant flow of thoughts had to go somewhere and it was here that I found that relief.

As the summer approaches and the heat is turned up in the desert, I will likely return to reflection and contemplation.  Vacations are nice.  Vacations can be costly.  Yet, vacations can provide the chance to rest the mind and recharge for the coming year ahead.  I know that it is strange to think of these things half way through the year, but summer is a recharge for me.  It is an invigorating time and I plan to explore this avenue once again.

For those that follow this, I appreciate your attention and will speak with you soon. Until then…be safe.

crudus animus

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