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A Vote of Confidence

Well, back at the keyboard to catch up on some writing and hoping to put up some solid material. The good news is that I will be back in the workforce at the first of the month. This will place a change in life after ten months of unemployment.  I am pleased with the change and look forward to the next phase of life.  Now, I am on to some conversation about the world.

Every four years, the citizens of this country file into the polls to cast their votes for the nation’s President. It is a civic duty to step into the booth and voice a choice. It is in this moment that the system brings together the majority voice. This choice is passed onto the Electoral College, which posts their choice along with the state, mostly. This system does have a built-in feature that allows the popular vote’s majority to not be the determining factor for declaring the winner.  It is something that has been revealed a few times in U.S. history.  Most recently it was seen in the 2000 election.  It was left to the Supreme Court to step in to make a decision regarding a recount in Florida.

This is a simplified explanation of how the country elects a President, yet it does demonstrate that participation in the system is still necessary.  It is worth the time that it takes to find the polls’ location and go there. It is a right that cannot be taken away from any law-abiding citizen. With that vote, a citizen continues the traditions that were purchased with blood so many years ago and is defended to this very day.  If one wants to honor all those that sacrifice themselves, voting is the best way to continue the dream of holding the foundations of the nation together. That is essential to the future where a better world can be made.

With that said, it is disappointing to see a couple of terrible matters coming to light. The first is dealing with the possible regulations, policies, and laws that have been used in various states to require U.S. citizens to acquire a new form of identification as proof of voting rights or the limiting of poll access to voters by eliminating early voting times that have accommodated large participation in the past. These forms of reduction hold a hinted partisan politics in some cases, but mostly, it is evident that particular groups have been targeted by these changes. When the explanation is given, the legislatures and governors gesture to the idea of voter fraud.  Of course, as insignificant as the number of cases of voter fraud presented nationwide, these kinds of changes are similar to bandaging a pin prick with a full body cast. Has the country come to the point where it must claw back all the rights from the state governments?

Now, as stated, the right to vote has been paid in sacrifice by the honored veterans of the country. An armed force of volunteers is used to protect our country and our interest abroad. They step into the danger of combat to give all of us the rights that we squabble about on a daily basis including the simple right to free speech. It is on this point that it must be mentioned that the Senate decided, this past week, to vote 58-40 on a bill to help support these very veterans.  It was filibustered and failed to pass.  This was not one of those entitlement programs that are slammed by voices claiming that people are dependent on the government. Have these veterans not also earned the right to be supported by the country that they defend with their lives? Yes they have and they are entitled to a repayment for their services.

Finally, a note to my audience: I am an U.S. citizen and I am born with inalienable human rights which are protected in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. I will vote in the election to exercise these rights. I educate myself on the facts of the political arena and weigh my decisions on those facts. I do not believe that I am a victim and seek to depend on the government anymore than my fellow citizens. I depend on them to protect me for enemies.  I depend on them to provide the proper infrastructure to keep the roads and bridges built.  I depend on them to regulate businesses so that none can damage the environment and the economy because these entities are logically basing decision on the bottom line. That kind of thinking will never serve a community solely.

We are a country of communities and individuals finding a method to work to the benefit of the country as a whole and to the benefit of the individual dreams.  I depend on us to move into a better understanding of what that means as a country.  I leave it to hope that we learn it soon.

crudus animus


Who We Are Is What We Do

Each person in the world has experiences and turning points in a lifetime. Some experiences are common and shared by everyone.  Perhaps they are not exact, but the event is given a common label.  It comes in the first kiss or the event of a birthday party.  The world is filled with so many combinations of variables that no individual can be the same.  We are unique. Quite unique, even when the genetic make up is the same, we are individuals.

In twins, the connections can be very close.  Almost to the point that we can seem them as the same person, but even then, they are two separate people.  They have two different personalities.  Their early lives may have been shared and the first moments may have been shared. However, it is the inner thoughts and drives that separate.  Both may have a strong personal affinity to butterflies, but one takes the step to collect them.  Both may like to read books, but one feels the desire to create his own writing. It is curious, but we make ourselves different.

This draws me to a couple of personal examples that have come to me recently. With the passing of Father’s Day, I had the moment when I spoke with my father and felt the connection with him. We have only recently come back into contact after many years of separation because of disagreements. It had taken nearly 18 years for me to actually want to speak to him. Now, we have found our common ground and understanding. Yet, when I was done speaking with him, I turned to my own son and wondered if I understand him any better than my father understood me. For the longest time, I had heard that my son was my clone and acted just as I did at that age.

I disagreed with that sentiment immediately because he may have some tendencies in his personality, but he is a different person.  At times, he possesses a drive in his life that I wish I had had at that age.  He may not know what he is going to do, but he has the skill to do it. He is a different person and I find that I want to know more.  I do not want our understanding of each other to fall apart like with my father.

Another example from a personal experience that supports this idea of different experiences comes from my current employment. For the last few months, I have been working with my spouse on freelance writing through an online site.  We have taken numerous assignments which are usually for web content.  We have covered a wide spectrum of topics from online degrees to fishing trips.  All this has brought me to a thought that many experiences waiting for people are out there.

The world is filled with a vast array of experiences and enjoyments that can change how we see things and how our personalities are shaped. Now, I am not saying that we need to be complete hedonists and explore every sensation and situation.  It is the event that makes us the individual and these are shaped by the inner desires of our mind. If I wanted to experience the feeling of falling, I might explore sky diving.  If I wanted to taste the spiciest food, I might try different restaurants in different cities. We can’t all become Epicureans of the modern day, but we can listen to our inner drives and make ourselves individuals.

For me, the desires that I hold are focused on a few things that I have not tried yet.  I want to feel the success of finishing a novel.  I want to sit at an outdoor restaurant and enjoy a long afternoon with my spouse.  Other things that I have experienced I want to visit again. A summer baseball game at Wrigley Field would be the top of my list. A trip down a mountain river on a tube would bring me joy again.

As time passes in our lives, we each must remember that we are created from the events and memories in our lives. These experiences are the basis of our personality and we should never let it stagnant.  Keep it fresh.

crudus animus

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