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Letter of Appreciation

Recently, I had a chance to send a letter to someone who inspired in the last few years.  I did not expect a response, but it was a great moment of catharsis. I am sharing it on my blog now.

Dear Christopher Titus,

I am writing to express how your words and humor have come to mean more to me than I realized at first.  This is not a cry out for acknowledgement or fame.  It is not a move to turn your eyes to me.  It is simply a letter of my appreciation for your message.  As you have stated, it is the act of being on stage and sharing your pain with the world that became the therapy that you needed.  Those words hit home with me and have helped to pull me through a very difficult time and reinforced my resilience for the years ahead. So, for me, this is my form of therapy.

My story begins with the end of 2011.  For a bit of background, I had been struggling to recover from a move across the US from Ohio to Arizona.  It was supposed to be a great opportunity as I graduated from college in the fall of 2007 after several years of part time class work. My family and I were excited for the move.  Once we arrived, the economy started to buckle and collapse.  I took jobs where I could and found my way through into management in the service industry.

By the time 2011 arrived, I had elevated a business to the top in the area’s market and looked to move to bigger and better.  I stepped into a new position working for a different employer.  This would have been a great position to show more of my skills.  Yet, the struggles of a brand new business are common and within four months, the employer had lost his confidence and terminated me on Decemeber 27, 2011.

I entered 2012 with no job or prospects. I was forced to turn to government assistance for a lengthy time.  I had to ask for financial help from family in order to keep a home as we were under a lease.  For ten months, I searched for any option to pull me through.  I found you.

During the long days of submitting resumes and applications, I found a need for background music.  However, that became monotonous, so I searched for some podcasts.  I tested out a few.  It was worse than listening to radio with all the ads.  I was losing hope to find something.  Like the last beams of sunlight through the clouds, I found The Titus Podcast.  Engrossed in the stories and news, I had the inspirational voice to pull me from the depths.  I had been a fan of your comedy and TV show, but the lack of cable had limited my continued exposure.  The podcast was a savior.

With it, I added a new aspect to my outlook on life.  I started writing a blog to help express my opinions and frustrations with the world in the same vein as your wonderful Armageddon updates.  I found purpose once more and continue to be the life raft for my own family.  By the end of 2012, I was back in the work force and providing the stability that my life needed.  A factor to that success can be attributed to you.

I am always excited when I hear that you are coming to Phoenix.  I am looking for a way to afford the tickets to see your performance on Sunday, April 28.  That particular show brings to the stage the beginning of your evolution.  It is an expression of how you realized that you had the fuel within to accomplish anything that you set your sights on.  It is a gift.  If I don’t catch you this time, I will find my way to see you soon enough. I have no doubts that I can do it now.

In the mean time, don’t stop what you are doing.  There is someone out there that will hear your words and have the chance to make it a better life.  I appreciate you taking the time to read through this.

Your fan

crudus animus


Trying Out The New Recipe

The last few days have left me time to think and consider the options for the future. Much to my surprise, I have recently found my way into a new job. After nine months of job searching, I stumbled into this one as a friend recommended it to me and I quickly earn the position in the initial interview. The point that captured the job had nothing to do with my work experience beyond my ability to represent a viewpoint to the public. It was my strength of character, and possibly, it was my charisma.

A bit of charisma can go a long way with some people?  It is a trait that I have never truly considered to be part of my strengths. I have a long-winded way of explaining matters or positions as my blog is evident of, but it would seem that the years have helped me shape this into a quality of charisma. I have always idolized those with great poise and charisma. The true sign of confidence rises to the top and appears as arrogance at times. I am impressed by those that enjoy this natural quality.

Most of the time, I present a confident manner. If it is a matter that my beliefs are settled in, I will quickly come to the front of the argument or stance with a very strong case. If it is a matter where my opinion is well-defined, I have the fortress ready to defend with topical quips and fact-based evidence.  I have no doubt to hide from, so I speak my mind to the point of stubbornness. It often has to be tempered by my spouse.

That said I have had other times when I am not so confident in my stance or opinion, so I have to contemplate the information. Or I have no opinion on the matter. For some, I have noticed that they will use their charisma to inspire an answer from others or place themselves in the middle of the topic with a leaning to the proper side.  I like to emulate this quality when I can and dream about the time when I can do it more often than not.

So, it brings me to my thoughts about the new avenue that this job brings before me. I am like most people when it comes to the new, unknown path. It is exciting to explore and present a new aspect of your personality. These new people have a chance to see what most may never have a chance to see. These new people have must to teach you. I have so much to learn, and it has a great potential.

As we travel down the road, I can say that life is never a guarantee. Success or failure may come, but it is the pieces of the overall picture that matter the most. My year has been marked by a long drought of employment and a chance to recover myself from the cynicism of the workplace. Although I don’t think that I have burned it all away, I have found that I am able to use what I learned. I have broken down and taken my mind apart to the base parts and reconstructed what I believe can become a viable piece for the future.

I am eager to see what happens with the new engine in the car.  I believe that anyone can find their way out from dark times.  It takes a bit of charisma and a lot of support from those around you that really care. I include those that follow this blog in that sentiment.

crudus animus

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