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First, The Apes Will Have to Learn the Technology to Take Over

To be honest, the fluid evolution of this blog has surprised me.  I have found that each day that I sit down to write the next posting, my discovery in each topic has come from a new place.  Occasionally, I have found the subject while reading through the news sites or perhaps it was a discussion that I had with someone close.  Or I was reading through some of the great blogs that are found here.  These particular writings are coming from very intelligent and insightful people.  I am impressed and pleased to be able to read something from them daily.

So, recently, I was glancing through a few blog that I have considered following.  While I was evaluating each, I came to the realization that I was looking for a balance of pros and cons.  I am not going to bore anyone with what I like and don’t, but the thoughts that came to me while in this search were about the technology that we have our fingertips.

Many of the blogs that I have followed since starting my own writing have been opinion and philosophical in slant.  This was quite odd for my personality as I see it.  Usually, I don’t jump into philosophy because I have never considered myself on that level of thinking.  And opinion topics are something that I am just learning to understand.  This led me quickly to the thought that I have benefited from not only the depth of these writers, but I have such vast technology to find these people.

In the times before the Internet, we all had to depend on the television or telephone for fast information.  Before that, people had to rely on slower forms of communication and not always reliable at that.  So, I am very grateful for the modern forms that keep me appraise of others’ thoughts instantly.  However, I am struck with the curiosity that maybe our minds need to make a new step forward to adapt to this new world.

I am nearing the end of my second score of years and I have seen our society explode with technology.  As a child growing up in the eighties, I thought that to have video games move from the arcades and into our home was mind-blowing.  I was fascinated with such technology and ate up every game that I could get my hands on.  To my father, these video games were amazing.  In his teens, the pinball machine held his mind for hours and left its mark on him.

Now, even my children have become very dependent on the technology to make it through the day.  In fact, they have had textbooks replaced by laptops and homework is a few hours at the screen.  They are learning in a whole new world that some of us may have to quickly adapt to in order to survive.  There is no sign as to what will happen, but it is clear that sometimes the very belief of people is enough to create changes.

One of the questions that I hope to find an answer to is if all this technology that we have become dependent on will become our society’s Achilles’ heel.  The hopeful side of me is very positive that we are just making the brave steps that our forefathers did with the invention of the light bulb and the combustion engine.  We have the potential to be better than they were.  I merely hope that we don’t over-extend ourselves.  I ask for some caution with the leaps.  Consider the consequences of the decisions.  We are still slaves to cause and effect.
With all that has been created, I wonder if we are ready and what that next step will be.  All I hope is that the massive amounts of gadgets and technology do not lead us to a step backward.  It is a curious thought, but nothing that I lose sleep over.  What I foresee is that our world will come to a point when we realize that we either adjust our steps or stumble back.  Either way, the human race has become a hardy group and we will continue to please Mother Nature as the height of evolution.

crudus animus



Distractions are trouble points for all of us.  We all reach into the ether to concentrate on the thoughts or words to express our opinion.  As we try to focus, the world comes to pull our minds away from those opinions.  I have had those days when I cannot get past the distractions of the world.  It can become a true obstacle that causes frustration.  It can also be the moment when the world reminds us that we need not take ourselves so seriously.

In the past, the distractions and constant bombardment of stimuli were not as steady as it is these days.  I remember the afternoons when I could relax with just a radio playing in the background.  I felt my mind expand and explore the reaches of the universe.  I was not under the continuous barrage of information on my brain.  I could step into the quiet and focus on the details of a book or my thoughts.  I believe that most would agree that with the invention of the Internet, we are all under this mental assault that fills us with information.  It is not all bad, but caution should be taken.

For example, how many people these days are in constant communication with someone via cell phones, e-mails, or other device of instant messaging?  I have met a few teenagers that spend nearly every moment of the day sending text messages.  It has become the quickest way to communicate and it has replaced the need to talk to your friends on the phone.  We are evolving into a species that will soon fall into the habits of needing the cell phone or the Internet.

Recently, due to my unemployment, I temporarily lost my internet connection at home.  At first, I was a little peeved that such had happened, but when the income is missing, the luxuries are the first to go.  Only necessities are needed in those times.  Yet, I realized that the connection was more than just a luxury to connect with the Internet.  It was a necessary part of life like water and electricity.  I had a need to continue my search for a job.  I had a need to continue my commitment to some freelance writing.  I had a need to stay connected to the world.  

When this epiphany hit me, I laughed.  I was just as addicted to the needs that are fulfilled by the Internet.  So, I turned my thoughts to the distractions that had been created by this addiction and I began to explore my thoughts again.  It became a struggle to clear away the cobwebs in a mind that was cluttered beyond my expectations.

So, I began this blog to relieve a great deal of the hoarded information and cleanse my mind. It has been the one tool in my toolbox that I have always depended on.  I cannot allow it to become so clogged that it runs out of space or loses its abilities due to disorganization.  It will also allow me to find a proper place for the opinions and understandings.  I can learn to appreciate the moments when I am not distracted.  I can learn to use the distractions to my benefit.

I have found a peace that I hope will continue as I move along the road.  Life has been throwing quite a few curve balls and I have to settle back in the batter’s box to lift the pitch out of the park.  As I have come to this point, I have realized that my younger days may have passed away, but it will not stop my mind from staying young.  I will cling to the hopefulness and desires of life that I had when I was young.

My challenge to the people is to use the distractions as a tool rather than an obstacle.  We are not victims, but we are the true form that Nature has given everything to.  Homo Sapiens is not just a classification for our species.  It is a true statement of what we are…Wise Human Beings.  Don’t fail to make your ancestors proud.

crudus animus

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