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A Step Forward

To me, this post marks a little milestone in my illustrious blog. This will be my fiftieth post and I hope to make the occasion something a little special. I note this as a milestone because it is the longest period of time with writing on a daily routine for me. It comes as a small bit of personal therapy to share bits of myself. I have recovered a lot from this and hope to continue. So, in honor of number fifty, here are some thoughts that I pulled from my files.

Each of us has a manner of philosophy when it comes to the different social issues that are swirling around the media coverage. In the past, during the present, and suggested in our dreams of the future, we have our idea of a utopian world. Some might see that the world would be at peace if cultural or religious beliefs did not get in the way of logical thoughts. This might lead a few minds to believe that if we were able to forget some of the differences that we have with each other, then we might have a chance to settle our squabbles over wealth, power, and resources.  However, what kind of a world would we have if everyone was forced to think the same?

This brought me to the idea that the human race has a strong root in the concept of conflict. It is just as strong as the need we have for stability and order. It is this very opposition of world views that fuels the events of the world and the stories of our cultures. In a fictional story, there is a need for the protagonist to move the world around from static order to healing change or from destructive chaos to stable order. The characters in the story work from these diametrically opposing views in their own ways.

It was this ideal that helped me come to the general thought of a novel that I am working on. In it, I was to shake up some of the classical myths such as Zeus reigning on high. I have been a student of these very stories. In recent times, I have watched movies and read books to compare my thoughts.  Most of them present the struggle of the Olympians facing off or being helped to battle against the imprisoned Titans.  In some, the Titans are attempting to escape and use someone to help. Others, the Olympians are simply trying to stay important to the mortals, so they do not become obsolete. In the end, the mortals find immortality as a hero to help the Olympians retain their powers.

So, here is my idea. From the collections of myths and epic poems, the ancient Hellenes were able to pass along a connection story of heroes called the Trojan Cycle. It is this thread of myths and legends that we are able to see the Trojan War and its heroes play out. By the end, we have come to understand the rage of Achilles, the authority of Agamemnon, and the cleverness of Odysseus. Their names live on and the Olympians continue to keep their place.  To the Romans, who inherited this legacy, the story continues into their world with the travels of Anchises and Aeneas.  Each tales is a struggle of the healing change against the static world except Aeneas.  He is presented at the foundation of Rome and its evolution into imperial order. My thought was what would happen if something through this cycle in a different way.

As it begins with a Titan confessing his knowledge to Zeus about the son of Thetis, I thought that it would be an incredible tale to have Zeus ignore the prediction and take Thetis for himself.  This simple turn would bring some great adventures and lead to a climatic conflict with all the races of classical mythology. I have constructed the characters and the outline. I hope to present some excerpts here and hope that everyone enjoys.

My thanks to all that have made this blog a success so far and I will continue to offer more.

crudus animus


The Spark in the Night

As a nerd, I have officially been a little behind on some of the most recent television shows. I have turned my attention to fiction writing and the upcoming science fiction and fantasy novels that will be coming out. Usually, I am quite excited about this time of the year with conventions going on and new products being unveiled, but nothing has excited me.  I am growing a little curious about an author named Scott Sigler who has been writing for several years and approached the business from a new direction. He started by writing his stories and reading them through free podcasts. Each episode was a chapter and wraps up the novel after about twenty or so episodes. His universe is called the Sigler-verse and I am interested to try it out. What is also unique is the basis of actually science in his stories. He prides himself on that very fact.

Another author that has been writing for some time is George R.R. Martin and his Game of Thrones.  I know that it has been turned into the HBO show, but I am about to set about reading it for the first time. I am not sure how I feel about it. Mostly, I hesitate because I feel that, as a fan of Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time, I might be a traitor. However, I could just be crazy.  Fan or not, I will be reading that series soon.

Now, I was stating that I am behind on many things. The last few years of life have been too busy for me to enjoy things.  I am catching up in a big way. I am a bit ashamed that I only recently finished watching Battlestar Galactica.  I was not sure about a reboot as I was a huge fan of the original.  My spouse borrowed the first season and we were hooked. All the seasons were intoxicating and enticing to watch further.  I was eager to watch more and more. In watching it, I started to consider a couple of things.

The first thing was the brutal reality that this small group of people had to live in. I watched the intensity rise with each episode and no one was safe from the harshness of the journey. The main characters were extraordinary and tormented souls. From the leaders to the personnel characters, these main stories gave the overall plot depth and brittle nerves waiting to shatter. I was very pleased with each episode and wept when some of my favorites were lost.  I can only hope to bring that intensity to my own writing. My motto is that no one is safe and there is no happy ending.

Secondly, I was truly thrown off by the element of music playing such a crucial part to the series. Usually in a television show, you expect music to be the tempo of the episodes, but the music became part of the show’s actually plotline and the show’s dénouement. When it was done, I sat back and wondered if that kind of element could be included in my writing.  I am no musician but the thought that music is a universal constant intrigues me.

With that said, I have returned to my writing with the excitement that the world will influence me more and more.  I only hope that I find some way to complete a story before I am gone.  I am well on my way and this place is helping with that goal.

crudus animus

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