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Trying Out The New Recipe

The last few days have left me time to think and consider the options for the future. Much to my surprise, I have recently found my way into a new job. After nine months of job searching, I stumbled into this one as a friend recommended it to me and I quickly earn the position in the initial interview. The point that captured the job had nothing to do with my work experience beyond my ability to represent a viewpoint to the public. It was my strength of character, and possibly, it was my charisma.

A bit of charisma can go a long way with some people?  It is a trait that I have never truly considered to be part of my strengths. I have a long-winded way of explaining matters or positions as my blog is evident of, but it would seem that the years have helped me shape this into a quality of charisma. I have always idolized those with great poise and charisma. The true sign of confidence rises to the top and appears as arrogance at times. I am impressed by those that enjoy this natural quality.

Most of the time, I present a confident manner. If it is a matter that my beliefs are settled in, I will quickly come to the front of the argument or stance with a very strong case. If it is a matter where my opinion is well-defined, I have the fortress ready to defend with topical quips and fact-based evidence.  I have no doubt to hide from, so I speak my mind to the point of stubbornness. It often has to be tempered by my spouse.

That said I have had other times when I am not so confident in my stance or opinion, so I have to contemplate the information. Or I have no opinion on the matter. For some, I have noticed that they will use their charisma to inspire an answer from others or place themselves in the middle of the topic with a leaning to the proper side.  I like to emulate this quality when I can and dream about the time when I can do it more often than not.

So, it brings me to my thoughts about the new avenue that this job brings before me. I am like most people when it comes to the new, unknown path. It is exciting to explore and present a new aspect of your personality. These new people have a chance to see what most may never have a chance to see. These new people have must to teach you. I have so much to learn, and it has a great potential.

As we travel down the road, I can say that life is never a guarantee. Success or failure may come, but it is the pieces of the overall picture that matter the most. My year has been marked by a long drought of employment and a chance to recover myself from the cynicism of the workplace. Although I don’t think that I have burned it all away, I have found that I am able to use what I learned. I have broken down and taken my mind apart to the base parts and reconstructed what I believe can become a viable piece for the future.

I am eager to see what happens with the new engine in the car.  I believe that anyone can find their way out from dark times.  It takes a bit of charisma and a lot of support from those around you that really care. I include those that follow this blog in that sentiment.

crudus animus


Who We Are Is What We Do

Each person in the world has experiences and turning points in a lifetime. Some experiences are common and shared by everyone.  Perhaps they are not exact, but the event is given a common label.  It comes in the first kiss or the event of a birthday party.  The world is filled with so many combinations of variables that no individual can be the same.  We are unique. Quite unique, even when the genetic make up is the same, we are individuals.

In twins, the connections can be very close.  Almost to the point that we can seem them as the same person, but even then, they are two separate people.  They have two different personalities.  Their early lives may have been shared and the first moments may have been shared. However, it is the inner thoughts and drives that separate.  Both may have a strong personal affinity to butterflies, but one takes the step to collect them.  Both may like to read books, but one feels the desire to create his own writing. It is curious, but we make ourselves different.

This draws me to a couple of personal examples that have come to me recently. With the passing of Father’s Day, I had the moment when I spoke with my father and felt the connection with him. We have only recently come back into contact after many years of separation because of disagreements. It had taken nearly 18 years for me to actually want to speak to him. Now, we have found our common ground and understanding. Yet, when I was done speaking with him, I turned to my own son and wondered if I understand him any better than my father understood me. For the longest time, I had heard that my son was my clone and acted just as I did at that age.

I disagreed with that sentiment immediately because he may have some tendencies in his personality, but he is a different person.  At times, he possesses a drive in his life that I wish I had had at that age.  He may not know what he is going to do, but he has the skill to do it. He is a different person and I find that I want to know more.  I do not want our understanding of each other to fall apart like with my father.

Another example from a personal experience that supports this idea of different experiences comes from my current employment. For the last few months, I have been working with my spouse on freelance writing through an online site.  We have taken numerous assignments which are usually for web content.  We have covered a wide spectrum of topics from online degrees to fishing trips.  All this has brought me to a thought that many experiences waiting for people are out there.

The world is filled with a vast array of experiences and enjoyments that can change how we see things and how our personalities are shaped. Now, I am not saying that we need to be complete hedonists and explore every sensation and situation.  It is the event that makes us the individual and these are shaped by the inner desires of our mind. If I wanted to experience the feeling of falling, I might explore sky diving.  If I wanted to taste the spiciest food, I might try different restaurants in different cities. We can’t all become Epicureans of the modern day, but we can listen to our inner drives and make ourselves individuals.

For me, the desires that I hold are focused on a few things that I have not tried yet.  I want to feel the success of finishing a novel.  I want to sit at an outdoor restaurant and enjoy a long afternoon with my spouse.  Other things that I have experienced I want to visit again. A summer baseball game at Wrigley Field would be the top of my list. A trip down a mountain river on a tube would bring me joy again.

As time passes in our lives, we each must remember that we are created from the events and memories in our lives. These experiences are the basis of our personality and we should never let it stagnant.  Keep it fresh.

crudus animus

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