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Artwork Samples

I have an update on my artwork.  I cannot share all of the images yet as they will be part of a final project for sale.  I can share some of the processes including some test pieces. These images will be placed throughout this post.  I believe that this has left me with some very good pieces, but nothing that the author wants to use for the final cover.  So, I will offer them here for comment and critique, if anyone wishes.
Final sketch of Alexandra

Color pencil of Tempted

Initial sketch of Michel
In past posts, I have suggested that I am truly enjoying this activity.  Such a statement seems to be an understatement as I move further into this work.  It has gobbled up more time than expected and my day job has expanded.  These are blessings as this blog was a remedy for the emotions of non-productive times.  Now, I am doing well and I will attempt to share a little more of myself with others.

I hate to be brief with my posts, but time is a factor.  I offer these images and hope to hear for you all.  Thanks.

crudus animus


Turning the Corner

I am back at the keyboard again and I am quite thrilled for the New Year. For those that have made some resolutions, I would like to offer my words of encouragement and extend to you all that I am right there with you.  This blog has been added back to my list of projects after a short time where it was on the cutting block.  It had become a voice for my thoughts for the several months.  It was my outlet to make it through some very difficult times with life. I was pleased with the effect.  In the end, I found the strength that I needed and the outlet to express it.  To my followers, it was an honor to have your voice and support.  The year ended with great prospects for the year and new challenges to face.  I know now that I can face them with a straight back because I have already overcome much due to the support here.  My thanks.

Now, let me explain one thing.  I had been tempted to stop this blog due to the fact that I have been invited, and paid, to use some of my artistic skills for a friend of mine.  To begin with, it will be very simple things, but it has the potential to grow into something far more productive that I have had in many years.  I have ached to produce something that will display my talents to the general public.  However, most of the time, I have failed to set aside the right amount of time for it or the energies have faltered.  In the end, I was forced to retreat.  This time, I will not let that happen.  I have a direction and it will come to a completion in the near future.

As much as I want the artwork to succeed, I decided to keep going with my writing and the expression of my thoughts. I moved some time around in my schedule to make it fit.  Now, I am back to my usual hum of productivity and slight agitation at the world’s foolishness.  I will be turning my eyes to the horizon, but this blog is a part of me now.  I can’t just let it go and I need it for the simple fact that I may need to work out some ideas in the coming days.

A last thought for today is a full explanation of the art that I will be working on. As part of an early career option, I once wanted to explore the area of illustration.  I wanted to sketch and create images to help give life to books and others forms of writing.  I had studied with the techniques of pencil, charcoal, pastel, and oil paints.  I tried my hand at other media such as watercolor and acrylic painting.  It allowed me to express a part of my being that was locked away.  I am now getting that chance.

A friend of mine that I have written about in this venue has asked me to join him in a venture where I will be doing cover art for novels which he will be writing.  It will be the eBook format with a print-on-demand option.  My artwork will be part of that package and help to promote and express his written vision. We have worked together on a few projects before, but this will be our first professional venture.  It will be a very exciting year ahead and worthy of the efforts.

I will likely be doing some of the art work through digital tools in order to refine it and prepare it for the final product.  Once the image is ready, I will be sharing some of the sketches with those that read here.  I am very excited about this move and will be happy to share it with you all.

crudus animus

O! Those Characters!

The exercise of writing has become a daily habit after the last few months.  It is a wonderful exercise of muscles that have been atrophied in the recent years.  I feel that I have grown and sharpened.  It is not perfect and likely will never be, but my greatest critic is pushing me to be as close as possible.

With this thought, I have made a few ventures into fiction because of my burning need to express myself in storytelling.  I have explored the different techniques, touched on a few do-it-yourself manuals, and touched base with a few local authors.  I think that it has trained me to look at my writing in a different way.  I find myself actually editing it without realizing it.

So, this has brought me to a few thoughts about how to proceed.  I have put some of it on the back burner for the moment.  I can recharge on one project and turn to another line to work on it for a while.  In this method, I have found that several stories are appearing, but none are finished.

This is a curious matter that I feel is a benefit. When the time passes, I will actually have many options to complete the stories.  I have set the tracks down and prepare the way for the rest of the words.  As I do, I stepped back to examine some of the techniques that have worked.

One of the crucial steps that I am using that I have never tried before is the character sketch.  Usually, I have the character mapped out in my head and I don’t need the sketch.  However, I found that with short stories that the sketches can be used for supporting character; while in a novel style the characters need some form of a sketch as I switch between the main characters and minor characters.

With such a technique, it has me turning my thoughts to the character quirks, traits, and personality of other people in my life.  It is not a critique of them, but a simple evaluation of them in this basic form.  In this, I discovered that some very curious stories come into view.  It is from this than I can mine some of the traits for my stories.  I understand human nature a little better.

This weekend helped me to understand and quantify this as my children helped me celebrate Father’s Day.  Each of my three children brings into my life a variety of character qualities and I see how they have developed.  It was a wonderful time.  Now, I will be back to my regular blog posting.

crudus animus

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