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A Return?

For some time, I have been considering the option to return to this blog.  As I have said before, it was an exercise in which I could express my thoughts and relieve myself of stress.  This is necessary when your mind is overactive even when you aren’t involved in anything.  The constant flow of thoughts had to go somewhere and it was here that I found that relief.

As the summer approaches and the heat is turned up in the desert, I will likely return to reflection and contemplation.  Vacations are nice.  Vacations can be costly.  Yet, vacations can provide the chance to rest the mind and recharge for the coming year ahead.  I know that it is strange to think of these things half way through the year, but summer is a recharge for me.  It is an invigorating time and I plan to explore this avenue once again.

For those that follow this, I appreciate your attention and will speak with you soon. Until then…be safe.

crudus animus


A Warm-up

The week has been complete with the return of my children from their vacation. It was a great trip for them and left them eager to return home before school starts again. They have about a week before it starts. For some, it may be early, but the school system in Arizona is year around. They have a two month break for summer and a month off in December.  Their break was fulfilling and they are ready to get started again.

This leaves me with a chance to turn my eyes back to the topics that I wish to write about. This blog has been an exploration of my thoughts and questions for the world. Recently, I have taken some time to read and replenish a few of my tanks. As I have mentioned before, I am a nerd with a great amount of interest in many things. As a scholar, I have noted that I enjoy reading through various works of Antiquity and religious histories.

So with this blog, I am going to present a curious idea that came to my mind a few days ago. Many of us like to touch upon our interests and we express our philosophies for life in general.  I have taken a few days over the last few months to establish what my fundamental thoughts are on religion and science. I have even attempted to show a few points on the historicity of Jesus Christ. I have tossed out a few thoughts on the topics of politics including women and gay rights in the United States. All this has led me to a moment when I ask myself if I have a solid argument.

At first, I was left with a hollow feeling that perhaps I was foolish in my thinking.  I mean, how could I say something that would change a mind or cause one to consider a different opinion? Was I truly making a difference?

I remembered that it did not matter and I was ready to move on.  I did not start this blog to write and change a generation from the destructive path that some feel our society is on.  I wanted to scratch a few words on the wall and allow the Internet to absorb part of me. So, with that thought, I am back to work on my thoughts and hope to be a little more prolific in the next few days. Also, I have attracted my 50th follower, so I am excited. Thanks for reading.

crudus animus

Ahh! Vacation!

As a child and teenager, I remember the promise of summer and the adventure of a vacation. I was never excited to spend that much time with my family locked in a car for a week, but the places that we went to was more than worth it. If it was a short trip to the mountains of Colorado or to the caverns of Carlsbad in New Mexico, I was thrilled to get there and soak in the sights. Nothing would ever take that way or replace it with something better.  I was eager to absorb more and more.

The greatest trip that we ever took during those lazy days of summer was a three week trip across to California to visit San Diego and Los Angeles then north to Washington State and into Canada.  I had a chance to see some of the Pacific Ocean, which was the largest amount of water that this landlocked person had ever dreamed about. It was immense and somewhat overwhelming.

Our visit to SeaWorld in San Diego and trip to Disneyland were all memories locked in place. What marks the time the most was that the 1984 Olympics were about to take place in Los Angeles, so the excitement in the air impressed on me the pride of those games.  It was all a grand time for the impressible, young mind.

The trip ended with a stop in the cool Northwest and a short trip into Canada.  I just hated to leave, but it had to end.  So, the long journey back home to the Great Plains began.  I found during that trip one of my greatest loves of life.  It was the reading of fantasy novels. The fever grabbed me when I bought a paperback on the return trip.  It passed the hours away and I was lost in the pages.  Vacations became something that I was even more eager to go on from that point forward.

As a parent, I have been unable to find those times. When I was working for someone else, I rarely had the chance to take a vacation or the money for such expenses. I find that it is one of the regrets in my life, but it is not something that my children have entirely missed out on.  This summer, all three have made the airplane trip to see my father in Michigan.  It will be three weeks of great enjoyment for them.  I almost envy them.

I am very happy that they are going to find the joy of vacations and hope that they form a great love while on their trip.

crudus animus

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